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Halstead Property collected more than 5,000 coats for New York Cares -- and found a referral, too

Beaches aren’t just a summer activity. You may be happily surprised to hear there are actually dog-friendly beaches within our neighborhoods.

At its core, the new Hyatt Centric lifestyle brand is designed for multi-tasking business and leisure travelers with things to do and places to go.


Something unique and interesting about this year’s show was that it took place in 2 different venues in Manhattan on Monday, February 16th  and Tuesday, February 17th. It was located at  Pier 94 & Pier 92. At pier 94 they hosted the Agility contest which was very exciting and fun to watch as numerous different breeds were commanded to maneuver through a challenging obstacle course. The dogs had to follow the course going through hoops, jumping Over objects, traversing through, Crawling through tunnels and rings.  It was incredible to watch the true agility of some of these precious and smart dogs. One could tell the hours that their trainers and (of course the dogs) put into Learning the various techniques.

To continue with the Westminster Dog show on Monday evening the Venue was held at Madison Square Garden.  The first event consisted of The Hounds; It truly was interesting to see the control That the Dog Trainer/Owner had.  (Yes, there was an inducement, THE TREATS). The precision in which the dogs pranced around was extremely fascinating to watch. 

Helpful advice to keep your pet comfortable in the summer heat


After years of sometimes heated debate and discussion, a SoHo Business Improvement District is expected to win final approval from Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

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